Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Using Points

If you aren't a professional critic or don't have a searchable database for me to peruse all your tasting notes, I do not care about your scores. The fact that it was an 89, but you almost gave it a 90 does not help me. Unless, I'm sitting next to you, I have no idea what it means. Thanks, I feel better now.


Brad Coelho said...

Love the blog Ben! If I knew how to get around crappy formating, I'd hook up a link to this as well...gotta problem w/ my scoring wines bitch?!

Ben said...

I kind of thought that you were covered by the "sitting next to you" part.

Brad Coelho said...

Lesson number one about the wine world, everyone involved is insecure ;) Someone always will get upset, no matter how conservative and cautious you are...might as well just outwardly try and piss people off!