Sunday, November 11, 2007

Rules for Vertical Tastings

Lesson for you kids at home seeking to go to off-lines. The first rule of a vertical is bring a back-up. The second rule of a vertical is bring a back-up. You can guess the third rule. In my defense, I had decanted the bottle (1998 LMHB) and detected no cork in my generous self pour (fourth rule...) and neither did my colleague to whom I gave a sip (a big LMHB fan). It just seemed like tight, classic, steely Graves. When I heard those horrible 7 words, by the way your wine is corked, I was incredulous. I regard myself as decently sensitive to TCA and doubt I would have missed it. Yet, miss it I did as this wine was profoundly corked. So, kids, spare yourself embarassment and bring a back-up. Now I'm stuck planning the next off-line and for the rest of my life I have to hear Paul Jaouen complain about it. That's my penance and hopefully it will be enough for my sin of omission. For what it's worth, prior to being boxed in wet cardboard, it was wonderful, compact wine that had tons of stuffing. You live and you learn...

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