Sunday, November 11, 2007

Confessions of a Wine Buyer-a Poem by Ben Sherwin

There are myriad wines to buy
from a variety of nations,
but if I don't jump this offer
then the train will leave the station.

How many times have I spoken
those sad and mournful words of dread
either to my fellow wine geeks
or to those voices in my head?

Sure, I'm a bit tapped out this month,
but there's a wine I have to taste.
So, I'll just get a small amount;
nothing more than a single case.

As I sit with tons of mailers,
deciding which one has to go,
I instead go on to Winebid
and quickly backfill old Bordeaux.

Not that I can't be reasonable.
I turn down offers by the pile.
Why I just turned down some Rayas
(but I thought about it for awhile).

It all goes smooth in February
when the checking account is flush,
but things get tight in September
and November is just a crush.

Has this all become a sickness?
Surely, my wife thinks I'm a nut.
I'm just hoping she doesn't hire
someone to kick my butt.

Still, nothing seems to stop me from
jumping on the next "special" deal.
So, I'll go back and year on year
keep on spinning the hamster wheel.

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