Thursday, October 23, 2008

Wine Violence-A Poem by Ben Sherwin

Should a wine jump from the glass
as I've seen in people's notes?
Should it punch you in the nose
or grab you by the throat?

Is it safe to drink a wine
that makes you shake and stammer?
Will it leap out from your Riedel
and hit you like a hammer?

Don't get me wrong dear reader,
I don't want a wine that's silent.
I just wonder why so many notes
are so unbelievably violent!


Anonymous said...

TJ's Vice

Sharp edges now softened
Through your gemstone hues
Each day it's badness
Affords you your time to shine

Peeling back, unfolding
Inserting, uncorking
Aromatics fill my room
Anticipation lifts this gloom

First ounces dress my crystal
Eyes closed, lips meet, then hold
Whatever, its pointless
Pain stained away from view

cellar rat said...

Hey Ben, and these notes violent notes often appear as something out of a sadist's wish list, as the author is usually gleeful of the experience. Maybe we should right more about the finesse, and soft touch, and effortless grace of some of these wines that display an unmatched amount of quality to even the plane.