Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Blogging from CA Wine Country

We're just finishing up our long weekend out to Napa/Sonoma. We stayed at the Gaige House, a luxurious boutique hotel nestled off Arnold Drive in Glen Ellen. It was a fantastic time and I look forward to writing up the experiences over the coming days. We have reached the stage where we don't go to wineries any more and really don't have much interest in finding new wines. So, check back often to read of barrel tasting with my boy Juan Mercado in the caves of Chateau Boswell together with Josh Peeples and a bunch of Miami Cubans (the people, not the cigars), shooting pool and watching the Derby over some beers at Ana's, a backyard dinner with the Browns and the Smiths in Calistoga where we do birth year Italian wines (1969), '70 Burgs and a '76 Bosconia, and a crazy dinner at the Bevans (is there any other kind?) where we drink through a mess of wines with the afore-mentioned Miami Cubans (with some cigars this time).

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